Donald Trump has created a new controversy over where he was born.

Trump produced what he said was his birth certificate to Newsmax magazine as a counter point to his recent comments about Obama's lack of same.

Except Donald did not produce his birth certificate.

What he did produce was the hospital's record of his birth -- which is not the same.

It was signed by the hospital but not the state.

He could quite easily have been sneaked in from his mother's native Scotland and had a dummy hospital birth certificate issued.

Or he could have been a anchor baby to ensure his mother became an American citizen.

This fake certificate proves that Donald Trump has something to hide.

So where were you born Donald?

On the bonny bonny slopes of Loch Ness near the monster or in a hospital in the Good Old USA?

It is high time he came clean.

His plane is also registered in the Bahamas and Trump has other companies registered overseas.

I don't think he is a true blood American after all.

His mother is Scottish from the highlands and spoke Gaelic, a foreign language for Crissakes.

Hey, maybe he's really Irish.