The end of days is upon us on May 21st according to the Reverend Harold Campling of Family Bible Network a TV evangelist who is all of 89 years old but only looks 899.

I realized when I saw a picture of him I had often seen his show while flicking through the channels. He's got big potato spud ears and a thin reedy figure and he looks like he will croak at any time.

Well he might on May 21 which would be his End of Days but I doubt if the rest of us will.

What with the dead rising up and the hurricanes and earthquakes we will all be busy running for our lives anyway.

As it happens I'll be in Ireland on that day and hopefully, the Queen of England will too -- which makes it somewhat possible that Queenie and I may be found bolting together before the wrath of the Armageddon.

Maybe we'll find a foxhole together and stay safe. In which case we may be the only two left in Ireland.

We'll have the country to ourselves first I'll stack up on Cadbury's chocolate and some six packs of Guinness , my massive addictions, then I'll worry about the rest of my life.

Funny thing is there will be a final day.Scientists say the sun will lose its light an burn out and engulf all the planets of the solar system.

But that's 5 billion years away or so, by which time we'll all have left for another solar system.

So see you May 21st queenie and wear something bright red, that's appropriate, not that silly yellow you wore as the royal wedding of your grandson.

We'll have a grand time together, just you me and Armageddon.