Could Keith Olbermann end up at Fox News?

Not as crazy as it sounds.

Now that the leading light of MSNBC has abruptly quit he is a free agent.

If Fox wanted to end any hopes MSNBC ever has of closing the ratings gap the best move would be for them to hire Olbermann.

It would also sustain them against any charges that they are not fair and balanced.

Sure they have hired some house liberals like Alan Colmes who was a farce to begin with.

But hiring Olbermann might be the smartest move of all.

That is if they could work with him.

He is notoriously prickly and a prima donna.

But there are plenty of those over at Fox and Roger Ailes has managed to handle them all.

So it might not be such a stretch after all.

Meanwhile, MSNBC has a ready, made replacement in the terrific Rachel Maddow.

So Olbermann is not as big a loss as he might have been a few years ago,

Still the suddenness of it all is extraordinary.

No doubt it will set the conspiracy buffs chin wagging for some time.

But imagine what a move to Fox might do.