Hillary Clinton said she wouldn't emigrate if Sarah Palin became President, but no doubt she would do a good imitation of that painting called "Scream."

What if the two of the most-popular women in America faced off for the White House? It is not beyond the bounds of possibilities. Let's rate their top attributes.

Husbands: A win here for Hillary. She has an ex-President who is looking better and better policy-wise in the rear-view mirror. Sarah has a sometime oil worker. Advantage Hillary.

Looks: I know we shouldn't rate this, but it goes to Palin. She's younger and a former beauty contestant. Hillary holds her age well.

Policy: Hillary has been a Senator, First Lady and now Secretary of State. Her advantage.

Media: Advantage Palin. They slaughtered Hillary on the campaign trail, but couldn't get enough of Palin. They still can't.

Committed voters: Palin: The Tea Party group would become ecstatic at the thought of a battle with Hillary. President Barack Obama already proved that Hillary can't get the same emotion from crowds.

Issues grasp. Hillary, pretty easily. According to John McCain's staff, Palin could barely find Alaska on the map.

Overall: A tie, and given that the electorate is in a pretty foul mood, a toss-up.

Great political theater if it ever happens.