Mitt Romney
Republicans are breathing a sigh of relief right now that Mitt Romney is back at the head of the race but they may be relaxing too soon.

Currently Rick Santorum holds a significant lead in Ohio the biggest prize of all on Super Tuesday while he is also ahead in many states in the south.

His lead there and in Republican leaning states present the major problem for the GOP.

Mitt Romney will win in many states such as California and New York where a more moderate breed of Republican votes but the GOP has very little hope of carrying those states in November.
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The enthusiasm gap for Romney in states such as Ohio which is a must win for him in the November contest bodes ill for the ticket.

For Romney to win he needs to stoke up the base in key states such as Ohio and Pennsylvania but the reality is that the rank and file GOPers don't much like him.

That is sure to lead to problems in the general election proper.

Romney may be back in front but his chances of pulling off the upset in November will depend on a far more energized base in key states.

Right now that seems unlikely to happen.