The French lefties were the main pushers of the fiction that 9.11 was an American conspiracy and a set up.

They were widely dismissed at the time but now comes another incident where a French schoolteacher asked for a minute’s silence for the Al Qaida killer who shot dead a young eight old Jewish kid and was later killed himself.

The teacher called for a minute’s silence from her class in the city of Rouen and stated that the serial killer Mohamed Merah was a victim.

She "clearly said that Mohamed Merah was a victim, that the link with Al-Qaeda had been invented by the media and 'Sarko'," said the letter that schoolchildren in her class circulated, a copy of which was published by the Paris Normandie newspaper.
Yeah and so was Hitler.

She has been suspended though the principal stated it did not necessarily mean she was fired.

The pictures of the beautiful little eight-year-old Jewish girl the killer shot in the head are heartrending.

Not only did he kill her but also he filmed himself and later put the video on jihad sites.

This teacher should be fired immediately if not jailed for incitement. There is no excise whatever for what she did,