NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden

The Edward Snowden ruling by the Russian immigration authorities is just a little too clever by half.

It smacks of a long term deal based on the fact that Snowden was quite likely spying for Moscow from day one while he was at the NSA.

Now he will be living in Russia and, no doubt, will be heavily debriefed by his masters as to the working of American intelligence. The Russians can hardly believe their luck.

They had fallen far behind the Chinese in infiltrating American spy networks and technology  innovations. Now they have knowledge of every available method that America was using against them

Think this is paranoia? Perhaps the names Aldrich Hazen Ames, Harold James Nicholson, Earl Edwin Pitts, Robert Philip Hanssen and George Trofimoff mean little to you? They were all deep agents for Russia within the U.S. intelligence community in very prominent positions.

Now comes Snowden. Of course his original destination was Hong Kong when he released his flood of information. That smacks of a not-so-clever feint to divert attention from his final destination, which was likely Russia all along.

But why would he be so public? Why not slip away and release his information to the Russians secretly?

I’d wager Putin, the old KGB guy with a hatred for America, has been waiting to give Obama a black eye for several years and this was his greatest opportunity, playing out in front of the world.

Now he is acting as a great protector for free speech by allowing Snowden to stay. This from a leader whose justice department recently charged and convicted a dead man, who had opposed the regime, of a crime.

Like in the Arab world, the Russian revolution led by Mikhail Gorbachev would appear to have taken a very wrong turn in this era of Putin.

The U.S. should strike back where it hurts. Cancel their participation in the winter Olympics to be held in Russia citing the recent hate laws passed against Gays. Obama needs to appear strong at this moment.

That might make the Russian bear sit up and take notice!