Donald Trump
The news that Donald Trump wants to host and moderate a GOP debate just adds another layer of craziness to the GOP nomination race.

Amazingly, front runner Newt Gingrich has stated that he will take part.

Mitt Romney and Ron Paul have mercifully declined so far.

If it is a circus you want who better to provide one better than The Donald.

In the aftermath of the Herman Cain debacle the question is how weird and wacky the Republican contest can get.

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Cain was leading a few weeks back, now he's pursued by a bunch of women claiming affairs who have driven him from the race.

There may be more madness to come

With Donald Trump as carnival barker anything can happen.

This is a man with the biggest ego in America and he will clearly hog the microphone and is deluded enough to think if he gives a bravura performance he might get to run for president.

Not even Newt Gingrich comes close to this guy on the ego stage.

He is only offering to host because he will do anything to hog the limelight.

If the others accept the GOP will have a very bad hair day indeed.