With Charlie Sheen so much in the headlines we thought it might be a good idea to find out what the origin of his Irish heritage name is.

Here's what the genealogy book My Guide Ireland tells us;

"The popular name Sheehan or Sheahan, often referred to as Sheen or Shean, is the anglicisation of the Irish Ó Siodhacháin, from a diminutive of siodhach, meaning ‘peaceful’.

The eponymous ancestor of the family is disputed, but must have been unique among the Irish of the day to have deserved the description “peace maker”.

Not every scholar accepts this origin of the name, but given the fact that the sept’s traditional coat of arms features a dove of peace, there will be few of the name who will want to consider any alternative.

One ancient genealogy places the sept’s ancestor as a brother of Brian Boru while another has him as a member of the Scanlan sept. The Book of Leinster refers to “Muintir Sidechain” from a distant relative of Brian Boru.

There you have it folks, Chalrie's name means peaceful, perhaps the one thing he has not been in the past few years.

The guy who threatened his wife with a knife and a hooker with choking even has a dove of peace on his family crest.

You couldn't make that stuff up.