Casey Anthony was found innocent -- get used to it.

We can argue the toss all we like but a jury of her peers sat for months and weighed all the evidence and found there was not enough to convict.

This was no OJ Simpson runaway jury, they took their responsibilities very seriously.

They decided a reasonable doubt existed and they found accordingly.

Any judge will tell you that without a body if becomes very difficult to prove a crime.

By the time little Caylee was found there was no definitive evidence of how she died possible.

We now Casey Anthony was a terrible mother, a heartless woman who partied for thirty days after her baby was missing

But did she kill her?

We will never know. An alternative theory was put forward by the defense who stated that the child had drowned in a pool and the family had panicked trying to cover it up.

Sounds very unlikely.

But then I thought and wrote that Dominique Strauss Khan was guilty as hell of rape.

Now it appears he may be guilty of sordid sex with a hooker but no more

Similarly with Casey Anthony, this mad media coverage, this drumbeat against the jury is very unfair on them

They did their job to the best of their ability.

We will have the blow dried , perpetually outraged Nancy Grace and all the other pontificating and fulminating until the next sordid case comes along.

Just remember one thing, they didn't sit in that court room and hear all the evidence or go through the case inch by inch.

Those who did made their decision

They should be praised, not vilified for that.