In his new book 'Pinheads and Patriots' Bill O'Reilly says Rush Limbaugh set him up as "a target of derision" when he imitated him on one of his radio shows and mocked him for being a closet Obama supporter.

O'Reilly says Limbaugh, pretending to be O'Reilly said it was time to "give socialism, even communism a fair shake."

O'Reilly also says Limbaugh mocked him as arrogant saying "Nobody can be more arrogant" than O'Reilly.

O'Reilly fires back at Limbaugh saying "If you state an opinion with authority in this country you will be branded as arrogant"

Anyway he says "I kind of enjoyed being called arrogant by Rush Limbaugh. Not to many folks reach that plateau in life."

O'Reilly says that "Whenever the left wing press attacks me, saying that I am some kind of conservative zealot, I smile and think of old Rush. He would certainly disagree."