Lou Dobbs is the voice that has been missing these past few months as immigration has exploded as an issue in American politics once again.

So a hearty welcome back for Lou who popped up on the Bill O'Reilly Show to give his take on the Arizona law that has caused such ructions.

Did Lou Dobbs defend or defame the Arizona law?

I won't keep you in suspense-- he played utterly true to form.

That was hardly surprising but you never know these days.

With rumors of a senate run in New Jersey in 2014 Dobbs has been more constrained on this issue in recent times.

O'Reilly in his usual expert way drew him out, pointing out that Bush did no more to seal the borders than Obama is doing. O'Reilly, of course, supports the Arizona bill

For the record here is what Dobbs said in relation to the Arizona law;

"Arizona has every right to take these steps, particularly where this government is quite conscious, this administration, is refusing to enforce immigration law either internally or at the border.

“It’s entirely defensible and it will withstand any challenge by the justice department or by any group that wants to,” he said.

It’s actually surprising that Dobbs has not been front and center on Fox News on this issue or indeed that he does not have his own show.

All of which leads me to believe that Dobbs may actually be serious about a political run.

Frank Lautenberg will be almost certainly out of the frame in the next senate election in 2014 unless he pulls a Strom Thurmond.

Watch this space.