Bill O'Reilly says Obama ain't a Socialist

Which begs the question, what does Bill O'Reilly think Obama is?

Bill O'Reilly says President Barack Obama may be a lot of things, but socialist he ain't!

O'Reilly says the label plainly does not apply to Obama even though millions of Americans will say O'Reilly's wrong. Oh really O'Reilly?

The basic theme of the average American, according to O'Reilly, is that "We don't need no stinkin' dictionary to tell us Obama is a socialist."

But O'Reilly says the average American is way off the mark.

"I admit the man wants a huge federal presence to control as much of the economy as possible. I will agree that he is a big income redistribution guy. But as long as he isn't nationalizing industry or purloining private property, I don't think the socialist label is accurate," he said.

Well given the carry-on Thursday over health insurance we thought for sure that O'Reilly would fall into the "Obama is a Socialist" camp.

But apparently not. And we'll leave the last word to O'Reilly

"As defined by the American Heritage Dictionary, socialism is a social organization in which the means of distributing and producing goods is owned collectively. Last time I looked, my production of material was owned by my corporation; the government was not involved. Yes, the feds, state, and local governments can tax me at will, and they do. But that's a constitutional mandate and part of our capitalistic system. So until President Obama begins seizing condos, I cannot put the "S" word on his resume."

If you don't believe me, you can read the entire O'Reilly column here.