Newt Gingrich
Read the following letter I just received and let me know where you think it has come from?

“What if I told you that the financial crisis WASN’T an accident . . .

“That it was all a part of an elaborate scheme between Wall Street, Washington, and too-big-to-fail conglomerates in order to protect their fortunes while making American citizens accountable for their mistakes . . .

“And what if I HAVE PROOF that the last four years of economic hardship is only the beginning of what experts are calling The Final Turning.

“Newt Gingrich, Lou Dobbs, Larry Kudlow, John Bolton, Dick Morris, and other champions of freedom have united together to reveal the truth about what happened behind closed doors on Sept. 18, 2008 . . . and how we are in for at least 15 more “years of financial reckoning.

“Hear their testimony, see the evidence, and prepare for the UNTHINKABLE.”

What is amazing to me is that I was sure it was some left wing organization until I got to the names at the very end.

In fact is it is from the publisher of the right wing Newsmax magazine.
Amazing isn’t it that left and right are sounding so similar these days?

The attacks on Mitt Romney during the election from Republicans such as Texas governor Rick Perry were on him being a Wall Street capitalist vulture who preyed on damaged companies.

It is a crazy mixed up world out there where right is left and left is right or so it seems.

Now all we need is a Democrat attacking Obama from the left and the circle will be complete.

Denis Kucinich anyone?