Men cannot match some of the perceptive powers of women, especially when it comes to cheating their partners.

A new report says that females can predict with a level of accuracy which men are likely to be unfaithful simply by looking at their face.

The study was conducted in Australia and published recently in the journal Biology Letters.

The report focused on 68 participants – half of them men and half of them women. The participants viewed nearly 200 photographs of people whose sexual histories had been revealed to the researchers. The participants were asked to identify those who had been unfaithful simply by looking at the pictures.

The women did quite well in fingering the cheaters. The men did not.

"We provide the first evidence that faithfulness judgments, based solely on facial appearance, have a kernel of truth," say the authors of the study. Women's ratings of unfaithfulness showed small-moderate, significant correlations with measures of actual infidelity.”

So why are women more perceptive when it comes to spotting a cheater?

Kathy G. from Long Island told me she was recently cheated on by her boyfriend, and had a feeling he had the potential for that kind of behavior when she first started dating him.

“There was something about him, something in his look that just made me think he might do what he did,” she told me while enjoying a drink in a local pub.

When asked why she went ahead and dated him anyway, she replied: “Because you can’t be sure until it happens.”

Another women who asked to remain anonymous said she had been cheated on by her husband and was now divorced. She told me that she no longer dates anyone who looks in any way similar to her ex because she thinks they are all potential philanderers.

Interestingly, the report sited masculine characteristics as the predominant reason women pegged men as potential cheaters. And although masculine looking, the women did not necessarily find them attractive.

Men picked primarily attractive women as potentially unfaithful, but were almost entirely incorrect in their choices.