Riots in Tahir Square

 Egypt’s new President (for life?), Mohammed Morsi, riding the afterglow of  huge praise from President Obama and Hillary Clinton for his role in ending 8 days of hostility in Gaza, leveraged that glow to seize dictatorial powers over his countrymen.

Morsi a leader of the  Muslim Brotherhood, which is tied closely to the United States mortal enemy, Al Quaeda, has been aggressively seizing power since he gained office by winning a democratic election 52-48.

On Thursday he issued constitutional amendments that placed him above judicial oversight & extended that same immunity to a committee drafting a new constitution for the country that many say has been hijacked by Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood allies.  Morsis’s critics say he is trying to push through an Islamist state that will marginalize women and minority Christians, infringing on personal liberties.

"Morsi today usurped all state powers & appointed himself Egypt's new pharaoh," pro-reform leader Mohamed El Baradei wrote. "This is a major blow to the revolution that could have dire consequences."

The last time Hillary Clinton visited Egypt, her motorcade was pelted with tomatoes by Egyptians who felt they have been sold out by the Obama administration.  These Egyptian citizens feel the Obama administration let Egypt fall into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood, an arch enemy of democracy and the western worlds way of life.

But since the pelting of Hillary’s motorcade several months ago, the Obama administration has showered millions of dollars on the Morisis government in spite of his dictatorial moves and his aggressive disregard of previous peace agreements with neighboring country, Israel.

Many Americans think “foreign aid” should be based on the carrot and the stick approach.  Regardless of the fact that America is broke, it still borrows money and prints it in order to dole out foreign aid. So lets help our friends, so they can help us.

This foreign aid money should have strings attached…It seems we have exchanged a previous dictator, who was friendly towards us, for a new dictator who is not friendly towards us or our close ally Israel. What kind of madness is this?

We are showering Egypt with billions of dollars; in fact Hillary just authorized giving the Morsi government 450 million in emergency funds on the heels of the just completed cease of hostilities in Gaza. Despite the fact Egypt has total control over weapons smuggled into Gaza and Hamas.
Dublin Ireland

We should take the billions we are now sending to a country hostile to our civilization and spread it to a country that is a friend.   A true democracy; giving foreign aid to Ireland on the scale we are giving it to Egypt would be like pouring Miracle Grow on a flower garden.

Blessed with a highly educated and motivated population, funds could be used to set up manufacturing facilities, hi-tech development, spur energy independence and create an economic powerhouse/ strong ally in line with western values.

The foreign aid could have strings attached.  Perhaps one of those strings could be to give the people of Ireland and Northern Ireland the chance to vote for a united republic. 26+6=32. 

Even the late British American Christopher Hitchens was in favor of a United Ireland and surprised many when he publicly voiced that opinion.