I went in to a coffee shop yesterday, to get a cup to take with me. As the young man behind the counter cheerfully complied, I put a dollar in the tip jar and quipped "this is for your higher education", he replied: "I just graduated from college".

One of the last members of Obama's original economic team just left Washington DC to go back to work in academia, saying his work is done here......I'll say!

The last great surge in employment as a result of these experts and their trillion dollar "stimulus," to our economy, was McDonald's providing a surge of 65,000 entry level positions at their restaurants around the country.

We had those economists on loan to us from Harvard and Berkeley guiding our country with their expert policies. Their policies are proving to be disastrous for our economy. But of course they themselves are pretty well insulated from the consequences of their decisions, as they return to their tenured jobs at the universities from where they came from.

Alright Washington, we already have all of the geniuses we can use. Is there anyone in the Obama administration who has ANY experience in the private sector, who knows what it is like to create jobs by building businesses? If so would you please step forward, front and center and take charge.

Because the job market in the private sector is tight and many people are taking jobs, any jobs just to make some money, even if they are over qualified. Just like the young man with the fresh college education working in the coffee shop.

In the meantime those song lyrics from Jim Croce are being heard by many qualified individuals looking for work in the private sector:" Steadily depressin', low down mind messin,' workin' in the car wash blues.

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