Imelda May is true Dublin who's not washing the Irish out of her accent to make-it as the capital city's newest star of traditionally Black forms of music. Black music made by Irish people is often exceptionally good and unusual. There's a certain Irish affinity to the blues, for example. Both Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday spoke of Irish ancestors, and many Irish performers, like Van Morrison recognize in Black music qualities that resonate to the deep note of native forms.

Sean-nós singing is blues with epic quality in a way. (cf. Sinéad O'Connor's Sean Nós Nua. Or Iarla Ó Lionáird's Afro Celt Soundsystem)

Imelda May is a Liberties colleen through and through--a sweet of heart with street smarts. She's a bodhrán player as a matter of fact, and a hot singer. I hope she explores more Irish sources.

Listen to her proud Liberties accent in this interview and performance on the Late Late Show.