Leaks out of Hillary Clinton's State Department suggest they will reject the rerouting of the Keystone Pipeline, which means the pipeline project itself is rejected. This important conduit of new energy would have brought Canada’s tar sands oil directly down to US refineries efficiently and safely by pipeline, rather than rail, barge or truck. Ironically the pipeline would be a much more environmentally safe way to transport oil, if it is brought down to the US.

The proposed route would have bypassed the Ogallala aquifer, this removed one of the main environmental objections in the first place. Foes had said the chances of leakage by the pipeline could have tainted water supplies for millions. Proponents of the pipeline said they have many safeguards in place to prevent such an occurrence and there are hundreds of thousands of miles of pipelines in place that will attest to that safety record.

Responsibility for the rejection of the pipeline falls firmly on the State Departments shoulders. If any of the cabinet departments should know how vulnerable we are to terrorism and blackmail by outside providers of oil, the state Department should know. Witness how Iran is using its quest for nuclear weapons, by threatening the Strait of Hormuz, the most important oil shipping lane in the world.

It is also noted that Venezuela, another one of the foreign sources we rely on for our oil, is ruled by a dictator who hates America and is becoming allies with Iran. It has been reported Iran and Venezuela are teaming up to install ballistic missiles on Venezuelan soil from which they can target American cities. True or not, it is beyond comprehension that America is allowing itself to be blackmailed by powers that hate us.
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The lame excuse this administration is using as cover for this rejection is that they don't have enough time to study it. In reality they have had over three years to study this pipeline, time enough to ponder this critical piece of infrastructure that can keep America’s economy humming. All bets are that the pipeline will have miraculous approval from the Obama administration, as soon as the November Presidential election has occurred.

Already labor unions that are so critical to Obama’s re-election plans are up in arms, decrying this rejection. Union leaders were counting on the estimated 20,000 new jobs the pipeline would have created, to help buoy the crippled construction industry.

It appears the rejection of the Pipeline by the Obama administration via Hillary Clintons’ State Department, is for political purposes rather than what’s best for our country’s security. If the house of foreign cards our country's energy dependence is built upon collapses, there will be more than finger pointing when it comes to next Novembers elections. Those that had a hand in forcing our country to depend on overseas foreign sources of oil, will carry that decision around for the rest of their political careers.

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