“Judge not lest you be judged” sayeth the Good Book and I believe far too many have already unfairly judged Donald Trump through a negative media filter and dismissed his candidacy.

The media is tiring of its shiny new toy which delivered such great ratings, so little wonder they are now castigating him as the polls slip and the ponderous experts explain why just a few months after explaining the exact opposite.

Back then the power of Trump’s independent vision had them swooning.

Yes, the man has made mistakes, is new to politics and politicking, has been rude, crude and abrupt, but we’re not voting for preacher of the year.

I’d still prefer his vision of working America and and a “get off your butt and stop complaining” America vision to the Mommy state and the tax and spend vision of Hillary Clinton.

It has become the prime battle between the two parties – tax your way out of recession or cut taxes and inspire job creation to end the recession.

Given that Barack Obama and his Democrats have had eight years to move America forward and yet close to 75 percent of folks think we’re heading in the wrong direction, I rest my case.

There are also the great moral issues, most notably abortion and the United States Supreme Court. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is over 80 and has had several health issues. Scalia must be replaced; Kennedy is fast reaching the end of his long tenure, while Breyer is also getting up there. There are consistent stories that Clarence Thomas will retire sometime in the next term.

This is the oldest group of judges on the Supreme Court in history and the change brought about by the next president could be historic with perhaps three or four picks over a first and second term.

A Democratic court will find a way to allow partial birth abortion, there is nothing surer. It will also quickly forget the Scalia influence, which made prior law, or the lack of it, critical when making decisions.

A Republican court could finally overturn the abominable Roe Vs Wade and give abortion decisions back to the individual states where it belongs.

A Republican court will protect the Second Amendment, whereas the Democrats will set off yet another crisis by diluting it.

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On foreign policy, there is a determination to paint Trump as a hapless fool. Let’s be honest – could he do a worse job than George W Bush or Barack Obama given that we are still embroiled in deadly battles against Islamic terrorists at home and abroad?

Trump is a strong man and strong men get respect. He just needs to talk softer but continue to carry the big stick. He is on a learning curve but is catching up quickly.

Clinton will put forward the same old bromides about working with the toothless UN and our allies, but never forget that her husband allowed the horrific genocide in Rwanda and went on his merry way.

On job creation, we can lament all the dreadful tales from America’s ghettos and why people cannot work. The endless handwringing ignores the reality that in cities like New York under a Republican mayor, crime statistics dropped incredibly because of good and thoughtful policing methods.

We need to stop admiring problems and start solving them. Job creation is the critical issue. A decent job is the passport to a decent life. Enterprise zones, such as Trump calls for, and low taxation for start-up businesses are no-brainers. We don’t see how a mommy state with more regulation can bring that about.

On immigration, the Democrats will never get a deal, but a President Trump might well, given that he knows first hand what a divisive issue this is and the acute need to solve it. Nixon to China comes to mind.

Finally, there are many instances in our history where unexpected presidents have turned out incredibly well. Abraham Lincoln finished third on the first ballot at his convention. Harry Truman, an afterthought as Roosevelt’s vice president, showed guts and glory and became one of our better chief executives.

If folks could just let the scales drop from their eyes and see Trump in that light, and not as a panicky novice, we could find our way to elect him.

Would you rather have the potential of a fine president who can change the way we do business and live our lives or nothing but the same old Clinton and the cronies story?

The answer seem obvious – vote for Trump.

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