You dare not mutter support for Brexit or the world including the Irish could turn on you! You stay silent. Your friends all say how stupid those 17 million UK voters are, others call them ignorant, old, outcasts. Somebody found a couple to say they voted Brexit by mistake, and would vote remain if there was another referendum. Every effort is being made to turn the result.

The Irish are deeply upset, but this is the same EU that threatened to bankrupt the country if it did not pay European banks and wealthy speculators back. And they were not kidding. Should we be that upset? The EU is run by an unelected cabal with an appallingly weak parliament and had long ago lost touch with the ordinary voter. They owned all the Thrones in the Game of Thrones and they were arrogant and uncaring and governed like little kings. 

The 17 million saw that and were no longer silent; the silent majority spoke up with many like-minded people in other countries. They quietly think of the lack of consultation and understanding of their problems. 

They think of the €62 billion that the EU institution costs every year. The ‘nanny union’ of laws and rules, determined by unelected personnel. They realise the lack of power of elected ‘representatives’ the MEP’s (Members (or Muppets) of the European Parliament) kept quiet with large salaries and expenses, and busy on endless subcommittees. 

This silent majority are big thinkers. Nobody thought they existed in such numbers. They probably read a lot, people with independent minds. They do not like to be told what to do, or how to think.

Many realize the world is on a financial knife-edge, and anything could tip the balance. The establishment obviously wish for a status-quo. Little change, stable share values, good pensions.  Abundance of food, shelter and spending power. But the silent majority know that the large economies have been relying on extensive quantitative easing or printing money to survive – the greatest financial bubble of all time. 

Countries owe billions and trillions to each other, the silent majority seeing through this and asking ‘to which planet is this collective money owed?’ They realize the international financial system is now completely false. Gone with the days of currency being related to actual quantities of gold. Now it’s related to ‘thin air.' 

Smart young thinkers see the futility of going for political office, knowing the impossibility of changing the ‘system’, and making a difference. Some enter, and quickly exit. Government representatives, in Ireland known as TDs, MP’s in the UK, have now virtually no say, no power, but also enjoy good salaries, expenses, and popularity. They can still be quite effective for local issues, which effectively double up as local councillors. Mostly good people but powerless.

Insulting the 17 million UK voters who do not think that all people are being treated fairly, that think overheated economies are bubbles ready for bust, who realize that democracy is just a word rather than a reality, that an oversized expensive outdated EU is probably no longer fit for purpose. The big thinkers believe local production to satisfy consumption is back to the future for communities, regions and Nations. One does have to worry about over-populated regions with little food production.

And yes many people want to have fun. Tired of the mundane, the pre-written politically correct speeches, the complete lack of free speech …..and yes the free speechers are emerging, Johnson and Trump. Expect some others. The World evolves together.

Life it is a changin’! By who…by the silent majority, far from being ignorant, but many very well educated and/or experienced. Underestimate them at your peril. 

Europe 27 is in a state of chaos, unsure of the immediate future. Some leaders calling for calm, more anxious to deal with the consequences. Others taking the political opportunity to change some National borders. Maybe they are right, maybe not. 

The silent majority exist. They are not stupid. They have just aired their views in the ballot box. They include many big thinkers. They do not wish to, or need to, air their views publicly. They don’t need to, they have spoken with their fingers in the UK. Elsewhere they remain silent, they are in hiding for fear of being bullied by many of the less informed, and conditioned. Far from the madding crowd of populist nervous very public opinion. Far from the limelight, but with no fear of the ballot box.

Walter Ryan-Purcell is an English Market stall trader in Cork and well-known blogger.