Choosing the right location for that perfect romantic meal
Welcome my single readers

We at Maureen Tara Nelson Private Matchmaking wish all singles a very happy and exciting summer. Summer is the best time of year to meet someone, so if you are single, make sure you are taking advantage of the great weather and do something new and fun outdoors as a hobby... it's an excellent way to meet someone.

Dear MTN,

I was set up on a blind date from a friend. She told me that the guy is a very successful and attractive man in his late forties. I was very excited to meet him until he called and suggested we meet at Applebees. What do you think of his choice as a first date? I told my friend that if he is so successful why wouldn't he have selected a higher end restaurant? I really want to be open minded, yet I am not compatible with a man who thinks Applebees is a high end restaurant? Please let me know your views on this. My friend Margaret is a successful client of yours and she let me read your do's and don'ts that you give out to your new clients. I agreed with every one of them. I value your opinion. - Mary

Dear Mary,

I am happy to hear that you say you are open minded, because I believe you need to give this guy a chance, even though you don't agree with his first date choice. First of all, you are assuming this guy, who might turn out to be the love of your life, thinks Appelbees is a high end restaurant? Why? He never said that. He simply suggested meeting there for your first date.

I advise all my clients to keep their first date very casual - going out only for a drink or two (maximum) or lunch or brunch on the weekend. He might simply consider this place to be a casual atmosphere to eliminate any stress for both of you.

Also, why would you need or require a high end restaurant for a first date? That would put more pressure on both of you. I would never suggest that for a first date.

My answer is simple. Keep the date simple. Go to Appelbees and keep an open mind on hopefully your future husband. Dating is stressful enough. Enjoy your first date. I hope you like him. - MTN


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