Sarah Palins direct Alaskan style has started to resonate with the citizens of the lower 48 states. She attracts great crowds of enthusiastic supporters wherever she appears.

In spite of the concerted savage attacks by the established leftist main stream media, she is having a resurgence in popularity. As if grasping at straws, some are even breathlessly reporting (Martin Bashir, of NBC of course) that her bus tour of national monuments is somehow illegal?

Those of lesser character and strength would have wilted under the continued hateful attacks aimed at knocking her out of politics. But Sarah Palin seems to grow stronger as she finds an inner strength that inspires her onward and inspires Americans at the same time.

She has a disdain for the media that has repeatedly tried to undermine her at every turn, sent investigative reporters to her elementary school to dig up dirt on her and practiced the art of character assassination on her at every level, public and private. It brings a great truth to mind when you see the indomitable Sarah plow forward: "What does not kill you, will make you stronger".

It makes one speculate if that same media would have probed Obamas past with the same zeal they have gone after Sarah Palin, before the 08 election, if he would have been elected President? Would it have meant a Hillary Clinton as President instead? It is interesting to probe that possibility as we start the new political season.

When Sarah Palin first came on the scene, she spoke in a language many of us had not heard in a long time, direct truth in what she believes in, not sugar coated. That rankles many who like to ignore the herd of elephants in the living room and pretend that there is no economic problem that bigger government can't solve and simplistic all we have to do with terrorists/dictators is sit down and have a beer with them.

It will be interesting to see what Sarah Palin feels inspired to do, whether she will run for President or who she will throw her weight behind in the coming Presidential election. But one thing for sure, she will speak out fearlessly on what she believes in and that is what America desperately wants to hear.

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