Voters in Pennsylvania and Ohio have a unique opportunity to make themselves energy producing giants this Tuesday, if they vote for the right candidate. 

As geologists and energy experts probe what’s under the ground in these two states, it is becoming apparent they are sitting on huge reserves of natural gas.  In addition to gas, they already have huge reserves of other forms of fossil fuels.

But in particular, the gas is near the surface and easy to obtain.  If there is willing government cooperation  from Washington DC, these states will be booming due to energy production.  State treasuries would be overflowing with royalties from the billions in energy sold.

Thousands of jobs would be created on exploration, recovery, pipelines, transportation and infrastructure.  Long-term employment would necessarily increase as companies look for qualified employees to help in recovering & marketing these resources.   

North Dakota is a prime example of what a state can do when they pursue their energy resources. With a 3% unemployment rate, they are the lowest rate in the nation. 

Under the last four years of the Obama administration, there has been a concerted effort to wage war on our energy sector. One of the key Obama EPA administrators was caught saying he wanted to crucify the energy industry. One of the biggest foes of Americas fossil fuel reserves, Bill McKibben, has the Presidents ear and was said to play a key role in his rejection of the Keystone Pipeline.

See McKibben Epstein ultimate energy debate November 5, at Duke University

For the last 4 years, the Obama administration has been quietly crucifying and hamstringing our energy sector.

The stark, easy to see result of this policy,  is to pull into the gas station and fill up your car for 100.00, when it only cost 50.00 4 years ago.

Governor Romney has already promised he will encourage responsible recovery of our energy resources the first day he takes control of the reins of government.

We have already seen what 4 years of Obama policies have done to our energy sector.  Energy plant shut downs-Coal mine bankruptcies-Huge tracts of federally controlled land barred from energy exploration-Billions in losses on taxpayer funded green energy schemes. The next 4 years will be all of the above, but on steroids,  as he will not have to answer to the voters again.

The choice is clear for the voters in Ohio and Pennsylvania.  With Romney you have the opportunity to become energy rich and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs.  At the same time you can help our country become energy self sufficient.