Who's running the show? Is it not the American people

Reason: Weapons of mass destruction (chemical) used on their own people/ may get into the hands of terrorists.

Details (how is the war to be sold): No boots on the ground. This is a limited engagement. Surgical Strikes only. Minimize innocent casualties (men women and children).

Cost: millions of US dollars; perhaps billions when all is totaled. Plans are designed to minimize any loss of American lives.

Expected outcome: Not fully known because of many variables/ can not fully articulate.

Polls: at least 6 in 10 Americans (60%) oppose the action.

International support: This time the French are in and the Brits are out. China and Russia are strongly against. Most others nations are in the cheering or the booing sections and will remain on the side lines.

Elected officials in the US: Mixed bag, but this war like all the other wars since WWII will be sanctioned, the American people be damned. 

So who’s really running the show?  Apparently not -“We the People.”

I assume these are rather the same powers which have been superseding that standard for some time.