As more information comes out on the murder of our Libyan Ambassador and 3 other Americans during the assault in Benghazi…. the more incriminating it gets for the higher ups in Washington DC.

Our murdered ambassador, Chris Stevens, had repeatedly been requesting more security  in the months before the attack.  Those requests seemed to have been routinely ignored.  Shockingly, we are now finding out, a key special security force was withdrawn shortly before the attack.

The administrations original story, “the attack was a spontaneous angry reaction to a video,” has been thoroughly debunked.  This makes the situation more dire politically for the administration, with only days before the election.

Conflicting stories and finger pointing are erupting between the State Department, the Whitehouse and the intelligence community.

To compound the problem for the Obama administration, Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, claimed yesterday, there was no “real time intel” to base a decision on whether to send help to the besieged consulate.

But according to Fox News,  CIA sources say there was a wealth of "real-time information" coming in, including two military surveillance drones and those who were on the ground.  The communication from the CIA annex about a mile away from the consulate was "constant":

The latest bombshell now shows the attack was a 7 hour ordeal.  There was plenty of time to send help to the besieged Americans.  Repeated pleas for help from those on the scene were denied by those higher up.

At one point during the battle a CIA operative pinpointed the mortar team which was bombarding the complex. He radioed for fire support from a Specter gunship, commonly used by U.S. Special Ops to provide support to teams on the ground.  Even though an American airbase was only an hour away, no gunships arrived. 

Further, Fox News learned, no Tier One Special operations forces, among them Delta Force operators, showed up to help, which were also within range and able to help if authorized.

But heroism stood front and center in spite of the indecision emanating from Washington.  Ex-SEAL Tyrone Woods, hearing the fire fight from his position at the CIA annex 1 mile from the consulate radioed for permission to go the aid of his fellow Americans.  Twice he was told to stand down.  After the 2nd denial of his request, he and 3 others disobeyed orders and made their way to the consulate.  When they arrived, they came under fire, but were able to evacuate those who remained back to the CIA annex.

Heroic Ex SEAL Tyrone Woods was later killed defending against another attack on the CIA annex by the heavily armed militants. Woods had heard the urgent call for help from his fellow Americans and couldn’t turn a deaf ear.  For that he paid the ultimate price.

If the same measure of heroism that Tyrone Woods displayed prevailed in Washington DC…..Perhaps the deaths of our Americans in Libya could have been avoided.

Every day more shocking details of the Libyan disaster unfold and it gets worse for the Obama administration.  The first and most shocking fact is that we left our Ambassador woefully under protected and a sitting duck in a very hostile environment.  The 2nd is that when they came under attack, the administration didn’t provide the help they needed to save their lives.

Vice President Biden, in another bizarre display of his personality disorder, tried to console the father of Chris Woods by telling him 'Did your son always have balls the size of cue balls?'  Charles Woods was highly offended by this remark and talked about this and other shabby treatment towards him by President Obama and Hillary Clinton, in a UK Mailonline article.

Some political pundits are saying this scandal is far worse than the Watergate scandal, which forced a President to resign.  In Watergate no one died. As this unfolds, the casualties to political careers could prove fatal to all of those involved, including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.