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READ MORE- Irish farmer travels to L.A. to propose to Jennifer Aniston

Happy April Fool's.......

When IrishCentral broke the exclusive news yesterday that a red-faced tight-rope walking, Spider-man loving Irish man was on his way to L.A. to propose to Jennifer Aniston, the Internet caught whiff of a juicy story and ran with it.

Timmy Regan from County Mayo had been put to the challenge by his friends to propose to the Hollywood starlet and the Irish farmer was up for  the task.

Jetting into LAX this weekend, the Irish farmer planned to woo Aniston and present her with a Mayo football jersey. US Magazine first caught the story around lunchtime.

There was only one slight problem. Timmy didn’t exist.

I just got off the phone with the man who lent his face to "Timmy Regan" and became a sudden Internet sensation over the course of 12 hours. After using my brother's picture without his permission, I wasn't sure what kind of reception I would get. Calling Adelaide in Southern Australia, after a few rings "Timmy" picked up.

"Hello," he muttered, "Yeah I just got off the plane at LAX," he laughed.

It seems news of Timmy had even spread to Oz!

Here are just a few of the U.S websites that picked up the story.

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