Posted by BrianBoru at 11/17/2009 12:40 PM EST

For those of you hoping that Charlie Weis would do the right thing and resign: it appears as though Charlie has dug his heels into the sand and prepared himself for a hostage negotiation.

The hostage, in this case, is the Notre Dame football program.

Just a few minutes ago, Charlie announced that no decision had been made regarding his future at Notre Dame. Also, he said that he was ready to go "full speed" in recruiting following the Stanford game. His words sounded defiant.

This gives me the impression that Charlie is not going to go quietly. He will not grant special consideration for his alma mater. As he did during his first season in South Bend, when his agent secretly floated NFL rumors tying interest to Weis in order to get a contract extension from Notre Dame, Weis will try to squeeze every cent out of Notre Dame.

If they want him gone, they're going to have to fire him — and eat his hefty buyout.

I will be at the ND/UConn game on Saturday with a few friends. Things could get ugly...