What would the Colonel say to Bailey’s fried chicken on the rocks?

Who doesn't like a glass of Bailey's Irish Cream on the rocks? Or even a shot over a scoop of ice cream as a treat. ButHow about slathered over a serving of Kentucky Fried Chicken?


That's how they like it in China according to the new advertisement, for the "Taste of Ireland" at KFC China.

KFC China's new meal deal features a three-piece chicken combo splashed with Baileys all for just 9 yuan ($1.38).

What is less American than chicken smothered in Bailey's in China? Although it might seem strange China has become KFC’s most profitable market. It is now ahead of the United States.

Apparently their success has been due to offering foods from the local markets such as egg tart, bamboo shoots and tofu dishes. Even Colonel Saunders himself has been altered in their posters and restaurants to look slightly Asian.

Where the Baileys comes into this we have no idea. The recipe for their "Taste of Ireland" special is also slightly different from their "seven herbs and spices" original. The limited "Irish" chicken is roasted in its skin while being basted with Baileys.

What do you think of their recipe? Would you try the "Taste of Ireland" KFC meal deal?