This is the third set of audio clips I recorded from the show Ros na Rún, which you can watch in whole here on the Internet. By isolating phrases and imitating them, I'm picking up the rhythm of Irish, and my comprehension and pronunciation is improving. So, why not for you too? Listen to the audio. Imitate what you hear. And repeat until you sound like the native speaker. #1 in this series of audio clips can be found here.

An fadbh sin a raibh Róise labhair liom.
That problem Rose was talking with me.
On fayb shin a row Rosheh lowr lyum.

Ag deireadh lae, 's mo mháthair fós í.
At the end of the day, she's still my mother.
eh jereh lay, sheh wahher fohs ee.

Hallo, O Steve, ní féidir liom le cloisteál, tá an signal go dona.
Hello, Oh Steve, I can't hear, the signal's bad.
Hallo, O Steve, nee fayjir liom leh clishtahl, tah on signal guhdunna.

An comhlacht céanna, ach ainm difriúil.
The same company, but a different name.
On cohlockt kayna, ock anum difrool.

Breathna, tá freagrachtaí againn chug na custaiméirí.
Look, we have a responsibility to the customers.
Brahna, tah frahgrocktee ayinn hug nah cushtuhmayree.

Nach gcuimhin leat?
Don't you remember?

Ceann eile na buachaillaí bána, a Shéamuis.
Another one of the "white boys," Séamus.
Kyahn elleh nuh bookullee bawnuh, a Haymush.