If you know me, you know I am obsessed with Ros na Rún, the Irish language soap opera on TG4.tv. Below are some audio excerpts I recorded from the show which you can watch in whole here on the Internet. By isolating phrases and imitating them, I'm picking up the rhythm of Irish, and my comprehension and pronunciation is improving. So, why not for you too? Listen to the audio. Imitate what you hear. The text below the audio is my best yankee guess.

Tú cinnte faoi sin?
You sure 'bout that?
too kincheh fwee shin?

Beidh mé an-chúramach.
I'll be very careful.
Bi may ana-ckurumock

Cloí leis an scéal.
Stick with the story.
Clee lesh on shkayl.

Ceard a sibh a dhéanamh?
What are ye doing?
Kaird a shiv a yeneh?

Go raibh míle maith 'at.
Thank you very much.
Gura meeluh mahud.

Inis tusa domsa.
Tell me.
Inish tusa dumsa.

Is dóigh.
I suppose.
Iss dohee.

Tá cinnidh móra le déanamh agaibh, Mháire.
Ye have big decisions, Maura.
Taw kinnihuh mohra lajin agee, Wohruh.

Tá, déagóirí.
There, teenagers.
Taw, jagohree.

Ní thuigeann tú an saol eile dorchadas, a Róise.
You don't understand the other life of darkness, Rose.
Nee higgin too an seel elluh durkuhdus, Roshuh.

Friggin, madra? 'Sea. 'Sea. Madra. Madra. Ach madra, an-tabhachtach ina saol.
A friggin dog? Yes. Yes. A dog. A dog. But a dog, very important in her life.
Friggin madra. Shah. Shah. Madra. Madra. Ock madra on-tau-uktuk ina seel.

Agus níl uaitse, i ndáiríre.
And you don't want, in reality.
Ogus, neel oocheh, i nahreeruh.

Níor an mbealach seo.
Not this way.
Neer an myahluck shuh.

Níl páiste uaim.
I don't want a child.
Neel pawshtuh oom.

Níl a stór, ar bhealach ar fad.
No, love, just the opposite.
Neel a stór, ar wolluck ar fad.

Sin a bhfuil faoi.
That's all about it.
Shin a will fwee.