To add insult to injury & deliver a second blow to the far left this past week, Sarah Palins court ordered emails have revealed nothing scandalous.

Unless you want to consider the scandalous behavior by the left leaning media. The pushing and shoving to get their hands on the over 24,000 pages, in six boxes weighing 275 pounds was thought to be scandalous behavior, by me at least.

The left had hoped and prayed(?), a firestorm of impropriety would be revealed in those emails. A Palin misstep would take the heat and spotlight off the scandal that has enveloped the Democrat Party with the revelations coming from Weinergate.

But no such luck for them. The Palin emails reveal an honest, moral, upstanding patriotic conservative American. The contrast cannot be anymore stark for the American public when compared to the revelations of disgraced Democrat Congressman Wiener.

The leftist media had thought they struck gold for a few moments when they found the Palins had purchased a tanning bed for their home. Feverishly searching for a connection showing she had used Alaska government money to purchase it, they came up empty. Their dreams were crushed when they found the Palins had used their own money to purchase the used bed. Tanning beds are popular in localities where you see very little sun for half of the year, not so much a luxury but a necessity.

So go ahead main stream media, keep on digging into Sarah Palin and ignore the glaring herd of elephants in our living room: The 3 wars we are in, the record debt which is getting us perilously close to bankrupt status, the non defense of our borders, closing down of our coal industry, non constitutional legislation by regulation...Shall I go on?

If that's not enough for you, I have 24,000 pages of additional issues and scandal you should be focusing on, yet you seem to want to ignore.

Do something about the elephants, they're really messing up the living room.

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