A comedy group, The Rubberbandits, from Limerick, could be in with a chance of securing the coveted Christmas number one slot in Ireland this year. Now that their comedy hip hop song “Horse Outside” has gone viral it’s thought that they could beat Matt Cardle, the ‘X Factor’ winner to the top of the charts.

The song already has nearly 1,000,000 and as the track goes on sale on December 17 it stands a good chance of being in the running for this year.

Although the comedy tune has been a big success in Ireland it seems that those from across the pond didn’t quite understand the humor. The songs theme is that of the “Horse Outside” being a better form of transport and more of a “chick magnet” than the other men’s cars.

A CNBC blogger seemed to pick the story up all wrong. They seem to think that due to the financial crisis we’ve all reverted to riding horses.

Here’s what they said below:

“Are the Irish already getting accustomed to a more austere life?

"One of the most popular songs in Ireland at this very moment is about how owning a horse is superior to owning a fancy automobile. It may be that the message is resonating with the Irish people.”

Please note there is strong language in the video from the beginning. Here it is: