The tale of the key dreamers and shapers, who took a struggling nation and transformed it into the greatest economic and technological superpower the world has ever known, will come to life on DVD/Blue Ray Disc, January, 22. 

The Men Who Built America showcases five key titans of Americas past: Andrew Carnegie, J.P. Morgan, Henry Ford, Cornelius Vanderbilt and John D. Rockefeller ,are showcased in an epic mini series that will inspire us with the real audacity it takes to follow our dreams.  It gives another meaning to “think big,” at a time in America’s past when all things were possible.

See the exciting video: The Men Who Built America

Post civil war America was suffering from the trauma that had torn at our country’s very fabric of existence.  Although the war itself was over, the spiritual and economic wounds continued to eat away at our country. 

We stood at a crossroads and very well could have lost our way as a nation, but as history has shown time after time, humanity produces transformational figures….and this was our time.

Through ingenuity, audaciousness and sheer force of will, these men changed the course of history for our country.  They produced undreamed of prosperity making the United States the envy and magnet for the rest of the world.  At the same time, it brought these men unheard of wealth through capitalism, wealth that previously was reserved for royalty.

Lionsgate Home Entertainment will make available History’s Tent Pole Event Series, on Blue Ray Disc and DVD, January 22. 

Don’t miss this epic work as it realistically transforms you back to those tumultuous days in Americas past, when everything was possible…..Because at the helm, we had fearless, intelligent risk takers who made us reach our potential.