It started with a hoot of laughter. The morning so far had been
relatively quiet -the daily greetings, the questions about the previous
nights activities, the general office banter. And then we heard the
hoot. Make that plural, the hoots of laughter emitting from Niall
O'Dowd's office. Laughter in our office isn't that unusual, but this
was different. Something incredibly funny was being watched. I craned
my neck to see what it was and caught a glimpse of pale legs
gesticulating wildly.

Niall came out of his office, still laughing, and said something to
the effect of "Conan O'Brien was dancing a jig with Robin Williams."
All my brain heard was Conan and jig. Immediately Amy and I googled
and hulued and youtubed. We couldn't find it until Niall, wanting to
watch it again, directed us to the correct place.

It was hands down one of the funniest things I've ever seen. As my
readers now know, I love Conan. I also love Irish dance. The
combination of the two is basically the best thing in the world. Throw
in Robin Williams and you've got the Trifecta.

It started and ended with a laugh. In fact it hasn't ended yet as I'm
onto my second viewing.

Before you run to watch the video, make sure you check out Irish
America magazine online through Irish Central. We've got some great
articles up right now that you don't want to miss.

Video / See Conan and Robin's Irish jig / Click here