Within the the 1st hour  after the Supreme Court announced Obamacare legislation would stand, the Romney Presidential campaign coffers were flooded with campaign donations. This one decision has totally fired up the base like nothing else could.

Chief Justice Roberts said, in so many words, if you don't like the law, throw out the politicians who passed the law.  That will be a rallying call for the large majority of Americans who do not like the intrusive law that was forced upon them.

If Democrats want an inkling of what's in store for them this November, they just have to look at the smashing defeat they were handed in the 2010 elections, when Americans had their first opportunity to express their feelings of how they felt towards the Obamacare bill.

If Obamacare had been struck down by the court this morning, it could have been a non issue for the next few months as the election season heats up.  But now Nancy Pelosis prophetic words of "You will find out what is in the healthcare bill after you pass the bill," are going to haunt Democrats, as Americans find out what's really in the 2,700 pages of Obamacare.

Mitt Romney vowed this morning, that the first thing he would do if elected as President would be to repeal Obamacare and replace it with a far better plan.  He said if you want to get rid of Obama care, you have to get rid of President Obama. It will be up to the Romney campaign to expose the hidden details of Obamacare that the American people are not aware of:  The hidden taxes, the rationing,  limited choices, the huge expense, the harm to the economy and just how lacking a government run healthcare system is.

But if Mitt Romney wins the Presidency this November, he will also need the Republicans to pick up a majority in the Senate and maintain, or increase their majority in the House.  Otherwise, it will be an exercise in futility for him to try to repeal Obamacare, with Harry Reid blocking all bills that come the Senates way. Republicans know it and vulnerable Democrats will face their ire this November.

Even before this decision, many Democrats have been distancing themselves from President Obama and some have even declined to attend the Democrat national Convention in North Carolina.  This is not a good sign for Democrat party unity.

The fired up Republican base and many others who comprise a large majority of the population opposed to Obamacare, will get to show Nancy Pelosi just what they think of  it....Now that they're going to get a chance to see what's really in it. 

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