Posted by Kelly Fincham at 5/17/2009 4:06 PM EDT

Full text of Obama speech

Standing ovations for Obama at Notre Dame

FatherTim: Let freedom speak at Notre Dame

The desperation on the faces of the TV reporters was palpable today as they searched the Notre Dame campus for some major signs of opposition to President Barack Obama.

CNN talked about the students - two of them apparently - who may have been escorted from the auditorium.

An auditorium holding something like 2,000 students. Hmm, what's 2 as a percentage of 2,000.

That's right - 0.1 percent. Can't you see the headlines now - 0.1 percent of Notre Dame students protest against Obama.

Not much news there guys huh?

The sustained applause for Obama, and the standing ovations, showed that the students had managed to maintain what Obama called the school's tradition of "Open hearts. Open minds. Fair-minded words."

Hmm. Much ado about nothing as Shakespeare wrote.

As Father John Jenkins said in his opening remarks; there has been precious little debate about how Obama agreed to speak at an institution which opposes his own beliefs.

It was left to Jenkins - rather than some of the U.S. media to highlight that we now have a president who is able to reach out to people who disagree with hm.

The president, he said, is not "someone who stops talking to those who disagree with him."