MTN will help you find love this St. Patrick's Day

If you are single and Irish, what is the most romantic day of the year to celebrate love, or to find love? You guessed it - St. Patrick’s Day.

The only day of the year that I ever suggest going out to meet singles is on March 17.  Although typically meeting your significant other in a bar is not what I recommend, I always make an exception on St. Patrick’s Day.

Most Irish singles who do not usually go to bars anymore in the hopes of finding someone do and will go out to celebrate our Irish holiday each year. Because of this the Irish bars are usually overflowing with single people who might just be looking for a committed relationship.

Because of the volume of singles out celebrating our favorite holiday of the year, and the fact that the ones who are looking for a relationship don’t usually go out to bars, this is the perfect night to find your soul mate.

Here are some ways to help you find your needle in a haystack in a crowded Irish bar, as well as some tips to keep you safe in doing so.

* Gather all your friends and select your favorite Irish bar. Call ahead and make dinner reservations, since you need to make sure you eat if you are going to be drinking.

* Call a cab and get dropped off and have the cab’s number to pick you up later. No drinking and driving.

* After dinner look for a comfortable place in the bar where you can see everyone that comes in. When you see someone you are attracted to, go over and say hi.

* The first question you must ask is, “Are you single?” As uncomfortable as it is, you don’t want to waste an hour talking to a gorgeous guy or a beautiful girl only to find out later he or she is married.

Realize that even though you are asking this question, the person still might not be truthful. But for one night a year, it’s worth taking the risk that they will be honest with you.

* Once you find someone that you are interested in, men be generous and buy the girl her drinks. If she is going to devote the night to getting to know you, it’s worth the investment of being generous with her.

* Men and ladies -- don’t drink too much. Nothing ruins a first impression like getting drunk.

* As you’re talking ask a lot of questions about the person. Here is your opportunity to try to find out if you are compatible to one another. Obviously being Irish and celebrating St. Patrick’s Day already gives you something in common.

* If you feel you are compatible, at least initially, and you are attracted to her, guys, ask for her phone number. Ladies, only give out your phone number if you are into him. Never give a phony number or tell him to call if you are not.

Always tell the truth. There’s nothing wrong with telling a guy that you just want to be friends.
Good luck in your search on St. Patrick’s Day, and be safe.

Happy St. Patrick’s!

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