On Saturday June 22, St Brendan’s GAC held their 2nd annual Blitz in Pope John Paul II Park, Dorchester. Following up on the huge success of the first "Blitz" in 2012, this turned out to be another great day for all involved.

The games kicked off at 10 am and lasted until nearly 4 pm, with five playing fields in operation. Football, hurling and camogie games were played throughout the day for boys and girls from under 6's through under 16's. The teams that participated were Maine, Springfield, ISYL, Hartford, Trinity and St. Brendan's.

The club wishes to thank all those who helped to make the Blitz such a success and to the club members who showed up bright and early to put up goalposts, nets, flags, lining the fields, etc. They also wish to thank the various local senior teams who supplied referees for the day. Finally, thanks to all the clubs who participated.

St Brendan’s GAC kids continue to train every Tuesday and Thursday in Pope John Paul II Park from 6 pm to 8 pm as they prepare to travel to Philadelphia for the CYC in July.

Anyone interested in having their kids play football or hurling or anyone wishing to help out with some coaching can contact the chairman, Richie Hanbury, at 617 293 7339 for more information.
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