It’s a mixed up, jumbled up, shook up world these days, but especially for William Marotta.

Marotta, a Kansas City man responded to a Craigslist ad 3 years ago placed there by a lesbian couple. The couple was looking for a sperm donor to help them conceive a child.   Marotta, the Good Samaritan, was up for the task.

Marotta and the couple signed an agreement stating his responsibilities for the future child stopped with his donation.  He was not to be involved in the raising of the child, have any financial responsibility, or have any contact with the child…..Pretty much a standard agreement for this type of situation.

But the lesbian couple, broke up and then sought welfare assistance from the state of Kansas.  This set off an investigation by the state on behalf of its taxpayers who have to foot the bill…and the trail lead to Marottas front door.

Evidently the state of Kansas doesn’t think Marottas responsibilities stopped after his donation and have decided to make him financially responsible for the child.

The state of Kansas says since the impregnation procedure wasn’t done under the auspices of a Dr’s supervision, the agreement the couple and Marotta have, is not valid.

Marotta has lawyered up and already claims the state has no proof it is his child, since no DNA  tests have been performed. Besides, it’s not fair since he had a written agreement with the couple.

The state of Kansas is claiming it’s not fair for the citizens of Kansas to pay for other peoples children.

Hillary Clinton popularized the often repeated quote “it takes a village to raise a child.”  Evidently Kansas doesn’t agree with the “village” meme and they want these 3 villagers to pay for their own children.

 Angela Bauer and Jennifer Schreiner, the couple who have now separated, plan to help Marotta fight the state’s decision to force him to pay child support.

These three did create a human life. Is it fair that the state requests they be financially responsible for it and not expect the taxpayers to pick up the tab?  We all have rights, but there are responsibilities as well.