Irish people are fatalistic about the weather. When we get a good spell – like we had last weekend – you constantly hear “Enjoy it while it lasts,” because there's an assumption that the bad weather is only around the corner. That assumption is generally well justified.

Last week Ireland was “sweltering”. Temperatures were in the mid to high 70s. It cooled off from midweek, but even yesterday was fairly pleasant. Today, June 6, in south County Dublin my car thermometer told me that the temperature was 7.5C at 1pm. That's around 46F. Even the locals have on jackets today. And there's a stiff breeze and heavy rain. It's miserable. I bet a lot of people have their heat on today. It's supposed to be June!

The forecast is for a gradual improvement to more normal temperatures. Highs around 60, that kind of thing. Not great, but better than today, but not the kind of weather you associate with summer. Based on past experience, I know that many Irish people are wondering if the few days we had is it for summer weather.