Performers from the show: John Grimes, Meghan Lucey, Jessie Baffa, Bobbie Ann Boeing, Jillian Farmer Tammany, Scott Doherty, Kevin Horton, Laura Yanez, Caterina Coyne, Marcus Maloney, Ryan McCarthy, Chloey Turner, Melissa Convery, Brian Mullane, Alana Mallon

"Riverdance on Ice"combines the music, rhythm and artistry of "Riverdance" with the grace and athleticism of ice-skating. This new twist to the popular show brings together world class figure skaters and world champion Irish step dancers.
"Riverdance on Ice" was performed for night only at the Tsongas Center at UMass Lowell.

One of the Irish dancers, Meghan Lucey was very excited to be part of the show: "What an amazing experience.. a fantastic show and a fun two nights hanging out with the Olympians. I had a blast! The Olympian and world champion ice skaters are absolutely amazing."

Pat Mangan a music  performer with "Riverdance On Ice" described the performance as incredible.

This new show includes world class figure skaters such as Olympic silver medalists Sasah Cohen (pictured above) and Tanith Belbin, Ben Agosto, as well as Todd Eldredge (pictured below), Shae-Lynn Bourne and more.

"Riverdance on Ice" showcased an unforgettable one-night-only performance at the Tsongas Center at UMass Lowell .The audience was swept away by the sights and sounds as Olympic, world and national champion figure skaters including Joannie Rochette, Tanith Belbin, Ben Agosto and Michael Weiss glided across the ice to the thunderous rhythm of the Riverdance music. The marriage of two skillful genres of dance resulted in a powerful performance.