We can expect Ryanair to announce that there will be two tiers of fee-for-pee if they go ahead with their ludicrous plan to charge passengers to use on-board toilets.

Just this week, the penny-pinching Irish airline blamed women for the new baggage fees which are rippling through the industry.

On Wednesday, a Ryanair spokesman told The New York Times that women had forced the airline to start charging new fees for baggage.

"It's women bringing four pairs of shoes, hair dryers, that sort of thing," said Stephen McNamara, director of communications for Ryanair.

Seriously Mr McNamara?

I find it's usually men laden with golf bags who hold up the line at the baggage claim.

So, given the airline's attitude towards women, we can expect that they will probably build two types of on-board toilets and then charge women more.

Another good reason to keep Ryanair off the Atlantic route.