One of the great developments for us Yanks in Ireland over the past few years was the birth of NASN - the North American Sports Network. When NASN came around it brought baseball & hockey & college football/basketball to my television for the first time since I left America in the early 90s. Absolutely fantastic.

I remember sitting in my living room here in Wicklow during August 2003 and watching a baseball game from Chicago. I couldn't get over it.

A year or so ago NASN was rebranded ESPN America (stupid name) after ESPN bought out the original owners, Setanta Sports. However, ESPNA is still part of the Setanta subscription package and Setanta is in deep financial trouble.

I don't know what might happen to ESPNA if Setanta does go bust, but I guess I'm half expecting it might mean the end of American sports on t.v. in Ireland.