Michelle from Registry of Motor Vehicles

Michelle joined us from the registry of motor vehicles to share some driving tips and advice. The most motor crashes occur between two extreme age groups; teenagers and seniors. Most crashes occur for seniors at intersections and when pulling out into a side street. The most important factors which may affect your driving and you need to be aware of are;

· Vision – ensure you have regular eye visits and check-ups. Moreover ensuring your peripheral vision is in good working order.

· Reflexes – as we age our reaction time slows down. However we can improve this over time by completing brain exercises, learning a new skill and by regular social activity.

· Exercises – ensuring our body is in full working order is very important when it comes to driving. Small, low impact exercises can make a big difference. Try foot circles, trunk exercises and head turns first thing in the morning.

· Medications – Michelle stressed the importance of constant vigilance regarding driving and medications. Driving after taking medications which can render one sleepy and tired can result in an OUI (operating under the influence).

Many thanks to Michelle for her time and for sharing her knowledge!

This month’s Boston Seniority Magazine

Check out the back page of Aprils’ (Boston Elder Commission) magazine to see some great pictures of the Cara Club celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day at the Veronica Smith Senior Centre. All look great in green!!

Computer lessons at the IPC

Our computer lessons with Boston College finished this week. We would like to thank our 6 fantastic BC students for sharing their knowledge and time. It really was great fun! The IPC and BC hope to run more lessons in Brighton and Dorchester in the Fall so stay tuned!

Lucky strike – The IPC goes bowling

The City of Boston Elderly Commission will host the Boston Senior Games; billiards and bowling, on May 10 at Boston Bowl, Dorchester. The IPC invites those interested in bowling to join us! Amateurs, ten pin connoisseurs and everything in-between are welcome to join us. Contact Eileen on 617.265.5300 for more information!

Please feel free to call Eileen at 617 265 5300 x 13 for more information on IPC Senior Citizen Outreach Program activities and services