Cara Club and Café Eireann set sail

On Monday, over 40 of the IPC senior group set sail on the ‘Majesty’ along the Boston Harbor. The cuise was a free event organized by the Boston Elder Commission.

We basked in the afternoon sun as we enjoyed magnificent views of Boston including the USS Constitution, Old North Church, Boston Light and the many Boston Harbor Islands. Our on board narrator ensured we learned something along with having a great time! Huge thanks to Mary Beth at the Boston Elder Commission and the Mayor’s office for such a wonderful afternoon.

New study about effects of grandparents who care for children

Researchers from the University of Helsinki studied 9,000 families in the UK over a two year period with at least one young child who was between nine months and three years old.

“Results show that children who were cared for mainly by their grandmothers between the ages of nine months and three years were more likely overweight at ages three than children who were cared for by their parents” said Dr Antti Tanskanen from the university.

The study found that young toddlers who frequently were in care by their grandparents were a fifth more likely to be overweight or obese compared to those who stayed in the care of their parents.

Although it’s very hard not to spoil or ‘treat’ Grandkids in your care perhaps alternate between ‘healthy snacks’, e.g. fruits, nuts and yogurt with the extra helping of chocolate ice-cream!