Season’s greetings from the Irish International Immigrant Center! It’s that time of year. A time for family, giving, and celebrating the start of the new year. For many, it is a time to reflect on the year’s achievements and successes. Why not challenge yourself this year and sign up for this term’s computer and career advancement class at the IIIC? We live in an age where technology is present in now present in every facet of life. Whether you want to order gifts, connect with an old friend, read a book, or even pay for your meal, it can be done using a computer. In the case of applying for jobs, applying online is the only option. Technology has such a pervasive presence that digital literacy is expected. If you feel like you have very basic computer skills and have wanted to improve them but aren’t sure where to start, the IIIC can help.
Starting in January, the IIIC will be offering a computer skills and career advancement course specifically designed for those who want to do just this. Regardless of your current level of expertise with computers, by the end of this course you will be well-versed in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, and Outlook. You will be able to navigate the social media networks on the internet and beyond. By the end of the course, you will not only have these computer skills to claim to your name, but you will also finish with a polished cover letter, resume, and a brand new netbook!
If you are not confident in your computer skills or want to brush them up, this is exactly the course for you. Still not convinced? Hear from our recent graduates...
Boston native, Trayner, was looking for work but realized he kept hitting a wall, especially when it came to online applications. “I realized a lot of resumes never reached their destinations,” he said. This course gave him the information he needed to navigate the new hiring system. To those considering the course he says “Definitely go for it. You have nothing to lose. It is a great team environment and everyone can support you any way they can.” Mary, originally from Galway, worked seven days a week as a Home Health Aide in addition to doing the course. In spite of these challenges, there was no question about her decision to do both. Ultimately, the course has given these students the skills that they will be able to use for a lifetime.
Start your 2013 off the right way. Take the plunge.
The IIIC is accepting applications for the Spring 2013 session of this course. If you would like to be a part of this experience or even if you have any reservations, please contact Rebecca Amoah at or call 617-542-7654, ext. 30. Classes start January 22, 2013.