Everyone knew it was coming. From the moment Marc Jacobs sent his first model down the runway at Lincoln Centre in September we knew that spring would be a time to relive, or live for the first time, the 1970’s. He took a very pre-recessionary, glossy and fun look at the decade and made it his own for this season, and he wasn’t the only one. Derek Lam, Louis Vutton and Yves Saint Laurent all included color, glitter, glamour and big hats in their collections.

The great thing about this trend is that is can be big and bold or more subtle. It’s a two-sided trend! There’s the glamorous New York club scene, Studio 54 side, and then there’s the softer more Farrah Fawcett style with silks, chiffons and iconic silhouettes. The most important thing to remember is that this is a statement-making decade for fashion and should be adapted for your own personal style because there are a lot of options.

Studio 54
Gucci drew its spring inspiration from the infamous Studio 54, embracing the glittering disco ball side of the style. Bright and bold colors are what it’s all about, complimented with plenty of accessories and sequins.  However, this is 2011, not 1971 so you can leave tacky and cheap at the door. This is about glamour, chiffon, and metallics.

This means that the maxi dress is sticking around in flowing fabrics, with glittering accents and vibrant colors. Other key aspects of this party look are bell sleeved mini dresses and asymmetric one-shouldered styles. Think big hair and make-up with a little 70’s shimmer, rather than full on frizz and green glitter up to your eyebrows. Some celebrities to take note of when putting this look together are Nicole Richie, Rachel Zoe and the Olsen Twins.

Jumpsuits were all the rage back in the 1970’s, so if dresses aren’t your thing there are a lot of elegant styles on the high street at the moment. It’s also a way to add a playful flair to our wardrobes after a long, cold winter, while remaining comfy and chic. The good news is that there are a variety of jumpsuit styles this season to flatter any figure, from skin-tight and body con to more loose and easy pieces. They are also suitable for both day and night depending on the style, and like your favorite dress, they’re a no-brainer all-in-one outfit for running out the door in and still looking well put together.

Diane von Furstenberg had bold, patterned designs while Yves Saint Laurent showed a belted black number for easy elegance, and other designers such as Marc Jacobs and Hermès had everything in between.  Topshop and Zara are among the many stores that have embraced the trend this season and celebrities such as Rihanna and Nicole Kidman show the versatility of the style. There is bound to be something in the mix to suit you so no excuses this time around!

Subtle 70’s Flare
Marc Jacobs took major inspiration from Yves Saint Laurent gypsy style from the 1970’s with off-the-shoulder blouses, voluminous sleeves and flouncy skirts. While this is all fabulously combined on the runway, taking it to the streets is a different story. You would look like you were swallowed up by colorful sheets!

As with most trends, your best bet is to take one or two pieces and pair them with something basic. And there’s nothing more basic than the 1970’s flared jeans to create that well known Charlie’s Angels silhouette. Anna Sui and Tory Burch embraced the style and paired it with a high waist. Some believe that this is not always the most flattering cut for everyone so if it’s not for you there are plenty of jeans on the market with the dramatic flare minus the high waist. However, for those of you who are brave enough and feel like a fresh look that hasn’t been around in a while there are a look of bonuses to this look.

The height on the waist makes the body appear taller and thinner, and the good news is that the style is readily available everywhere. Whether it’s jeans or tailored trousers they look equally cool and chic with a form fitting top or something looser. The most important element of the look is to reveal the high waist by tucking your top in. If you combine this with volumised hair you’re sure to be mistaken for Farrah!

An absolutely crucial aspect to the 1970’s cool and glamorous look, whether it be a pared back version or a full on disco diva look, are the accessories. One big trend is big wrap-around obi belts, inspired by the belts worn with Japanese kimonos. They can be simple and classic or decorative and colorful like those seen on the Marc Jacobs runway. ASOS already has a variety of styles available to cinch the waste of those flowy jumpsuits and maxi dresses.

One thing that adds to any outfit are hats. Big floppy hats were all over the runways for spring and are already being buzzed up by fashion experts. Last summer Vanessa Hudgens took some flak for over-indulging in the floppy hat look but it appears that she was on to something. Once again rich colors and variety to suit your own personality are where it’s at with this trend so try it out. It also has the added bonus of protecting our precious skin from spring’s long-awaited rays of sunshine.

There are two very simple 70’s accessories that you probably already have in your wardrobe, and if not, they’re cheap and add a punch to any ensemble. It’s time for lots of big bangles and some big, tinted sunglasses. The go-to stores for such items are Aldo, H&M and Forever 21, who are all bound to have something to suit your personal style, while adding that 1970’s cool factor, without breaking the bank.