Usually there is some give and take if there is a genuine willingness between individuals to find an agreement. 

As the US careens towards a government shut down there has been no indication from Senate leader Harry Reid, or President Obama, of any willingness to find common ground with the House of Representatives (the people's house) on moving forward with a “Continuing Resolution” to keep the government running.

Even the use of a “Continuing Resolution” in lieu of a regular budget is a failure of executive leadership to find ways to work together.

In the past, it has worked in the Presidents favor to pretend he is an outsider in the process and point his finger at those “anarchist/terrorist” Republicans in the House who just fail to act reasonably….By doing it his way.

The usual suspects in the main stream media are starting with the drumbeat of blaming the Republicans for this latest impasse.

But this time there is a huge elephant in the living room and many folks have started to notice it.

Fresh on the heels of President Obamas eagerness to negotiate with two known terrorist states, Syria and Iran, as well as his high profile acquiescence to Russias President Putin in averting a violent confrontation in the Mideast…Has many questioning why he won’t even sit down and negotiate with fellow Americans of another political party to find a budget solution.

Senate Leader Harry Reid in a happier moment
President Obama’s decree that the House of Representatives need to do their job…In other words, sit down, shut up and rubber stamp what President Obama and Harry Reid want.

 In the face of the urgency, President Obama spent a leisurely weekend golfing and attending parties. Over the weekend, Harry Reid let the Senate go home and enjoy family time…..The House of Representatives stayed on the job throughout the weekend offering alternatives, trying to find a way to get an agreement.

The main bone of contention has been the implementation of the heavily flawed Obamacare legislation.  The bill has so many defects, that President Obama himself has made exceptions, carve outs and delays to many of his supporters….This in itself is an admission the law is not ready to be enacted on the rest of the country. This is also an unlawful way to re write legislation.

But perhaps the most insulting part of the law is that President Obama, Congress political appointees and their staffs are exempted or specially subsidized from it….and that is creating a lot of resentment.

The latest rumored proposal from the House  is that they want to delay the individual mandate for Obamacare for one year, just like what President Obama gave to corporations.  Additionally,  a demand that all political leaders in Washington be subject to Obamacare. All other provisions of the “Continuing Resolution” would be funded.

All indications from Harry Reid and President Obama are that they will accept no changes to their demands and want the budget resolution bill passed intact with Obamacare untouched.

If anything comes out of this, it will magnify the Presidents unwillingness to negotiate with Republicans on almost any level, yet he seems eager to negotiate with terror states and repressive regimes.

It is also high time for the politicians that pass laws for the American people, be subject to those same laws…..America went through a revolution to rid themselves of royal decrees 237 years ago and Obamacare is starting to smell like a royal decree.