Along the Arizona/Mexican border, dozens of heavily armed spotters man look out points on mountain peaks commanding the shimmering, parched landscape below. They usually man these posts for two weeks at a time, taking provisions with them to last the entire 14 days. They are equipped with night vision technology, powerful binoculars and high tech communications able to keep them  in touch with command centers miles away.

But these aren't US military personnel or  law enforcement, they are soldiers of powerful Mexican drug cartels, who own these crossing points where vast amounts of drugs and human traffickers stream  into the United States.   These spotters are on the look out for the US border patrol who is tasked with keeping these invaders out.  Hamstrung by the vast areas of desolate country they have to patrol, as well as having to respect environmentally sensitive areas which the cartels could care less about, our forces are out manned and outgunned.  

Like the Cohen Brothers movie, "No country for old men," the undercurrent of this landscape is harsh, lawless and violent.  It is ruled by brutal men, who do not hesitate to resort to violence in order to protect their investment in drugs and human trafficking. Headless bodies and rape trees tell the tale of how brutal this place can be.

Mule trains of human and drug traffickers on foot, some carrying burlap sacks filled with drugs, walk into the United States under the watchful eyes of the spotters high above them.    Once they reach a staging area, they change clothes so they look more American and discard what they had been wearing.  They also discard the burlap bags as they transfer the drugs to vehicles. These smuggling corridors are littered with abandoned vehicles,plastic bottles, cans, clothing, shoes, food, black plastic bags, and empty burlap sacks.   

You would think, that at the very least,  the EPA would be enthusiastically suing the cartels for despoiling the desert enthusiastically as they sue and harass our own US corporations and industries.

We are having a war waged against us on our southern border.  This war is filling our country with dangerous illegal drugs and swamping us with undocumented illegal immigrants who are overloading our social services.

A border state trampled and drowned by illegal and criminal invaders, Arizona was dealt a severe blow yesterday by the Obama administration.  They were told not to call Dept of Homeland Security for help with their immigration enforcement problem because Homeland security wasn't going to answer.

Evidently President Obama was in a snit when the Supreme Court unanimously upheld a controversial provision requiring police to check the immigration status of people they detain and suspect to be in the country illegally.  So President Obama decided to circumvent the intent of the ruling by executive order and withdrew federal  immigration enforcement help and cooperation from Arizona.

Even Justice Scalia wrote a scathing indictment against the Obama administrations intimidation of Arizona's efforts to protects its borders when he penned: " Arizona contradicts federal law by enforcing applications of the Immigration Act that the President declines to enforce boggles the mind.”

President Obama's decision to suspend laws on immigration and harass the State of Arizona for trying to protect its citizens from a criminal invasion,  is indeed mind boggling.

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